Netherlands Baseball United

Dear baseball lovers,

We proudly want to announce from Netherlands Baseball United that the organization of Babe Ruth Carribean invited us to represent the Netherlands with a U-team during the Babe Ruth Champions Tournament in the Bahamas. This tournament will be held from 7-11 July 2022 in Nassau Bahamas. The team may consist of 10 players aged 15 and 6 players aged 16 years on the poll date 1 May 2022.

NBU wants to organize a try out for this in December or January. We also see this as a breeding pond in the run-up to the European Qualifier of the Palomino U-Tournament, held annually in Stuttgart. The only costs involved are the flight. Other expenses (uniform, accommodation and overnight stay) are covered by sponsorship and the Babe Ruth organization.

Participation from the following countries has already been promised:
Spain, China, Italy, Aruba, St.Maarten/St.Martin, Bonaire, Antiqua, Trinidad & Tobago, Curacao, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Mexico.

Exact date for the Try outs you will hear soon!

More information about the Babe Ruth Caribbean Championship can be found here:

You can register via:
[email protected]